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About My Toffee

Only The Best Ingredients Are UsedMy homemade toffee is made with Grassland butter from Greenwood Wisconsin and pure white granulated cane sugar.  The toffee is then coated with Ambrosia Chocolate, manufactured by ADM Cocoa out of Milwaukee.  The milk chocolate is Luxurie, and Elite is a bittersweet, dark chocolate.  Nuts are then added to the chocolate, choosing from English walnuts, pecans or macadamia nuts. 

This all comes together in five layers consisting of nuts, chocolate, toffee, chocolate, and more nuts to create a memorable texture, not to hard, not to soft, that won't stick to your teeth.  For those with nut allergies, I carefully make the toffee coated in milk or dark chocolate only, without nuts. 

You may choose between a One Pound Slab, Toffee Heart, Easter Egg or Toffee Sampler of three half-pound squares.  All orders are made upon your request with your specified combination of ingredients.  The fourth choice you have is "Schniplins", being bits and pieces of toffee, milk and dark chocolate, walnut, pecan and macadamia nut pieces.  My Grandfather used "Schniplins" to describe little pieces that were left in the bottom of a bowl.  My Mom and Dad love to sprinkle "Schniplins" on ice cream.

When you are ready to enjoy jour toffee, simply remove the brown paper and strike the slab on a countertop or table edge twice crosswide to break into bite size pieces.  Then cut open the vacuum sealed bag to indulge in fresh homemade toffee.

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